Hoku'olino Bollinger
Born and raised in Hawai'i, Hoku has been
dancing Hula all her life. With aloha spirit
running in her blood, she shares the beauty
of Hula with everyone around her. Her gifted
and elegant style of dancing captures your
heart and takes you to the journey of the
beautiful islands of Hawai'i that she loves so
much. Living in Virginia, a devoted and loving
mother of Brandi, Kaleikaumaka, Kaiulani,
Alana, and Kaleo, she shares her time to
teach Hula for those who love her 'aina
(land) and kanaka (people).  She takes in
everyone and gives out all her love
She is graceful with a very
humbled attitude towards life and someone
touches everyone's heart. As an
ambassador of islands of Aloha, she
passes on Hawaii’s most beloved culture
Hula to people
of all ages and walks of life.  
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