Bringing you the ALOHA spirit through Hula
Prices in these packages differ due to destination and accommodations
for the type of show needed. It is best to call (540) 672-8192 for prices.

Waikiki Package   (30 minutes):      1 Wahine (Female) dancer
Keiki package       (30 minutes) :      1 Wahine(Female) / 1 Keiki
Laulau Package    (45 minutes):      2 Wahine (Female) dancers
 1 Kane (Male) dancer
 1 Fire knife dancer
Aloha Package (30-45 minutes):     2 Wahine (Female) dancers
Local Package:                                    Lei greeters Only
North Shore package:                        1 Lei greeter
(Lei greeter\1 hour before show/    3 Wahine (Female) dancers
Show runs 1 hour)                              1 Kane (Male) Fire knife dancer
 1 MC
Big Kahuna                                            1 Lei Greeter         
(Lei greeter\1 hour before show/     Musicians
3 hours music and shows)               3 Wahine (Female) dancers
 1-2 Kane (Male) dancers
 1-2 Kane (Male) Fire knife dancers
 1 MC
Huki lau Package:                               Students of Hula School
                                                               1 MC

*These packages can be tailored to your Hawaiian Luau party needs including the
show length and the number of dancers, but must include the Personal
Hawaiian Party Decorator.
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